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Services | best Web design - UI-UX designer - SEO | 2022

My Services

Thank you for supporting my small business and helping to keep our doors open!


I help organizations establish and improve their online presence by modernizing their systems. I get the big picture and connect Marketing and Technology. Contact me for an integrated Website, CRM, and Email Marketing system.
Your website is your organization’s face to the world. I’ll make sure it gives the right first impression.

All of my websites are built-in WordPress because it’s simply the easiest website platform to update by your in-house IT team. Imagine – no more headaches when you need to make changes to your website!
Mobile-friendly design 60% of all internet searches now occur on a mobile device. I’ll make sure your website looks great on every screen, giving your visitors a tip-top user experience that keeps them on your site longer.
Show your members that you understand what’s important to them with common-sense navigation. When people find what they want faster, they can see that your organization understands their needs whether your site has 5 pages or 500.
Every website I build is triple-tested for fast-loading pages and functionality. 404 Errors are a thing of the past with me!
I have experience in design knowledge to fill your site with captivating copy, eye-popping imagery, and action-focused design. This is where the psychological aspects of web design come into play, moving your visitors to donate, sign up, renew, and engage with your organization.

Seamless integration with all your systems Makes your website even more powerful by connecting it to your CRM, email marketing, social media, etc. Every step saved is more time for your staff to focus on other critical tasks.

User Interface & User eXperience
UX/UI design is an integral part of the development of any product or service. It is critical for delivering value to people who are interacting with your product or service.

UX specializes in human engagement, analyzing the experiences users face, and encompasses all the product elements. UI specializes in crafting beautiful designs to accomplish a product’s aesthetics and designing anything a user may interact with digital products. I use Figma / Photoshop.

UX design emphasizes the need to design optimal experiences for users and helps you improve how users find value in your product(s).

UI designs utilize design trends and brand guidelines to craft beautiful designs for your product(s).

What is search engine optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization often referred to as SEO, is a digital marketing practice proven to be extremely valuable for any business that wants to generate business online. There are two main, complementary aims of SEO – to increase the amount and type of organic website traffic, with the ultimate aim being more sales, leads, or engaged followers or subscribers.

3.5 billion Google searches are made daily, and consumers are shopping and searching online like never before. The need to stand out in the digital environment is crucial for your business to succeed.

Without SEO, there is very little chance that you will be able to attract a continuous stream of new, organic (non-paid) customers to your website, in essence forcing you to rely solely on Paid advertising methods or perhaps social media efforts. Ultimately, you want both organic and sponsored results, and you want to be positioned in the top 3 spots of Google’s organic listings (and the top 3 ads). Though PPC marketing (Google Ads) is very important and beneficial, and a large part of our work, for the remainder of the page, we’ll focus solely on SEO.

82% of mobile users search for a local business and local searches lead 50% of traffic to visit stores within one day of the search. (Google, 2014) (Source: Marketing locally is important not only for generating traffic, but relevant traffic that results in leads and potential business.

Content creation is arguably one of the most important aspects of SEO. Relevant, high-quality, and regularly produced content is essential for landing a high position at Google. I create content and topics relevant to your business to attract targeted audiences.

Understanding Your Business & Its Needs, Marketing Research & Strategy Creation
As SEO consultants & developers, I can offer a wide array of specific tactics, some you might have heard about, that are involved in the search engine optimization process. SEO used to be all about keywords and for a few minutes, keyword stuffing used to actually produce rankings (but not necessarily results). Then it became all about getting as many backlinks to your site as possible, but not any longer. Today, SEO is all about understanding searchers’ search intent and creating your site, and content, in a way that gives visitors a high-quality experience that matches that intent.

To do this, we need to understand your business and its needs. What are your goals? What do you offer? What kind of traffic do you want to attract? These questions are just a small part of our comprehensive intake process that we use not only for SEO but actually for website design and development, branding, pay-per-click campaign development, and so on. With a thorough understanding of the kind of traffic you want, we begin researching search engine data related to your field, services & products. At the same time, we are also analyzing your current website for its strengths and weaknesses (what it has working for it, what’s working against it, as well as what it’s missing) and we begin formulating a strategy of how to optimize your site.

The on-site component is one part of the SEO puzzle. Optimizing architecture, page speed, meta tags, content, internal links, mobile responsiveness, and many more elements. The off-site component relates to your site’s relative importance and authority in a sea of millions of related competitive websites. Some of these signals are the relevance, quality, and quantity of links pointing at your site (backlinks), search engine engagement, social media presence and engagement, and several more.

Remarkable Logo Design & Branding
With years of experience crafting beautiful & captivating brands, I’ve discovered that I attain the best results for my clients when I design their visual identity from the get-go. Therefore, I take an extensive approach to branding that begins with brand strategy, logo, and identity design. Once we have built a powerful and strategically stunning foundation for your brand, the options are limitless for what we can do next.
Your brand identity is the first thing people connect with, and first impressions are everything! My goal is to craft you a timeless brand that speaks directly to your target audience, sets you up for connecting with your dream clients and gives you the confidence you need to achieve your business goals.
For the success of your project, it’s important to first make sure we are a good fit. During a complimentary 30-minute call, we will unpack your points and goals to see how we can bring value to your business.
The 1-hour Creative Kick-off is an immersive discovery where we dive deep into your vision, background, and goals to gain a deep understanding of your story and what makes you unique. Having an intentional foundation rooted in strategy is a critical piece of my process. During this phase, we will dive deep into my brand questionnaire. I then take this forward by defining your values, messaging, and overall feeling you want your brand to evoke and pulling it all together seamlessly to define your brand strategy.

Through strategic color, pattern, typography, and creative touches, I translate your vision into one seamless brand identity that is timeless and versatile. It is important that every touchpoint is cohesive with your new identity, so we will work together to complete your brand with the decided collateral designs that are necessary to fulfill your unique business needs.

As we wrap up our project and journey together, we pick a launch date and start developing a launch strategy. When completed, you will have a clear and effective brand identity that will help to attract your ideal client. I also deliver everything you need to gracefully bring your new branding into the world.


Please let me know how i can help you.