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Generate High Quality Leads

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Generate High Quality Leads in canda

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About me

Doing Good While Looking Good

Hi there! I'm Sina.

Brand Designer ( Website design, Logo, UI/UX ) SEO Specialist.

Generate High Quality Leads

I’m the creative behind Sinart Studio and AwebZ Based in Toronto, Canada but helping clients worldwide, I love working with small businesses ready to make a difference in the world.

My background in English has allowed me to really view design as visual communication. I understand the importance of portraying your message first and making it look pretty second (but I promise that looks are always at the top of my mind).

My strategy-first approach to design and intentional way of living cultivates brands that resonate with your target audience while sprinkling in your personality to keep you excited to show up in your business, day after day.

Generate High Quality Leads

Generate high quality leads | Sina Ghorbanian

I know firsthand what it’s like to be a business owner trying to do everything on your own.

I found my passion for web design when I started my first blog. I taught myself to code and put together websites — back then it was just a hobby, but that hobby eventually turned into a side hustle, and then years later, my full-time job.

I’m deeply passionate about helping other bloggers and business owners on their creative journeys and providing a highly organized, personalized, and collaborative experience for my clients.


If you’re interested in learning more about the services I offer, you can CLICK HERE or email me directly at Thank you so much for being here!


IT management and Web Design
Website design Certificate
Web design Certificate
UI Ux design Certificate



Grow Digital Inc., has worked with Sina Ghorbanian on many website design & development projects. Sina’s expertise, dedication, and on-time delivery have helped us to have satisfied clients with their project's consistency. We will continue and look forward to working with Sina on future projects.
Testimonial for website
Mr. Sam G
Managing Director
To entrust my various projects, I was looking for someone who, in addition to experience and creativity in the field of site design and graphic works, is also aware of communication techniques and mutual understanding of the customer's point of view to be able to create a personalized and professional work. I am happy to have met Sina because one of the good things about working with him is that in addition to having the qualities I was looking for, he also has the power of pursuit and high accuracy, which led to a lovely collaboration for me.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Mostafa Firouzi
Personality Psychologist
It can be said that Sina is my best experience in terms of launching a website, both technically and in terms of the type of customer relationship. The most important thing about Sina is that it always has good offers to increase performance. I'm very happy that we launched our new website with Sina.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Pedram Sharifi
Curb Clothing Co-Founder
I had an incredible work experience with Sina, putting the project into place We weren't concerned about the big things in designing the Web site because he is focused on your project with full focus and always offers the best offers to get better, I'm very happy and happy with this wonderful collaboration.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Rman Boreiry
Curb Clothing Designer
I’ve heard Sina's compliment from a friend and he really does his job with a lot of patience and time and I'm glad we’ve worked together.
Testimonial for website design
Ms. Mahsa Sam
Luxury House Internal Management and Assistant CEO
Sina brought our brand to life. Working with her was one of the best investments I've made for my business. We had such an amazing experience, and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Saeed Ebrahimi
CEO of DGV Trading
I worked with Sina for 3 years in the Shemiran clinic. Sina supported our social network and website. I'm completely satisfied with working with them, and I'm glad we worked together.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Amir H Ansari
Shemrianno Clinic Manager
One of the remarkable things about me working with Sina was that he treated my work with care and compassion as if he were designing his own site, and all the things I needed to know and do to improve my work and My website suggested it and it was done. If I still have a website, my choice will definitely be Sina again
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Alireza Sheshmani
I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Sina! He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. Above all, he provided honest advice and went out of his way to make sure every detail of the WordPress panel was completed to perfection!
Testimonial for website design
Ms. Lee
Spa Manager
Sina made my E-commerce website and I am so happy to work with him. It is not just a pretty face, I am also thrilled by the quality of support, it is fast, reliable, and has no complications at all! Thanks to my friend
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Sadra
Sadra Tel Manager
I have had the opportunity to experience Sina's brilliance and creative process. He commands respect in a nurturing way, sets expectations, and really helps ground your ideas so that you can bring your vision to life. He does all of it seemingly without effort, but it doesn't take much analyzing to see the level of care and detail that goes into the work he produces…
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Mojtaba Vafayi
Digivi Manager
Working with Sina has been a perfect journey. Not only did he capture the essence of our brand perfectly, but He also gave me helpful tips and was just as excited about our brand as I am. Sina is an absolute expert in his field and it definitely shows in his work.
Testimonial for website design
Ms. Eshraghi
Digital Marketer at Billordy
Working with Sina was the most incredible experience. I was searching for someone who would deeply understand our brand and help us imbue that extra magic touch. Sina has done a stunning job.
Testimonial for website design
Mr. Akbar Pour
Product Seller


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