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4 Common Website Mistakes To Avoid (& How To Fix Them)


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  • Publish Date

    September 14, 2020
  • Last Update

    July 18, 2022
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Common Website Mistakes


Your website is your business’s digital home. It is a manifestation of your brand identity and often the first touchpoint potential clients have with you. Their judgments – subconscious or not – begin to form nearly instantly, and your web design plays a fundamental role in that process.

A landmark report from Stanford University found that 75% of web users evaluate a business’ credibility based on web design alone – and it is well-studied that consumers will leave a site entirely if they find its layout or imagery unappealing! Below are four common mistakes that business owners make when designing their website and how to ensure yours is leaving the best first impression possible.


Your website is the first place a person goes to learn what you’re all about. It’s important that you make your value proposition clear right away by organizing it thoughtfully and presenting information in a clear, attractive, and easily-digestible way.

While having content readily available is crucial, too much of it may be counterproductive. Consider what’s most relevant to your visitors, what value you offer them, and what desired actions you want them to take. Then, structure your website in a way that presents that information in an engaging, natural manner.

With the right architecture of web pages and content, visitors will be easily able to locate desired information and expand their knowledge of your business without frustration or confusion. Easily navigable site design strongly correlates to an overall positive user experience and builds confidence with potential clients.


Your website is a source of information before all else, but it’s also a medium to engage with prospects and nurture a budding relationship. Calls to Action – or CTAs – are powerful cues that, when used purposefully, can increase conversions and initiate connections with clients.

However, there is an art to CTAs. Plastering your web pages with “Subscribe!” or “Buy Now!” buttons may not actually inspire your web visitors to take that next step. Too many CTAs – or CTAs that are forced or unclear – may end up confusing web visitors or turning them away from your brand.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests. What can you offer them? And how can you entice them to take a chance on you? Place CTAs deliberately, and use phrasing that is genuine to your brand voice.

Aqua bay Spa Website design | best website design for small businesses
Website Design for: Aquabay Spa ( Canada ) 🇨🇦


Your website is the perfect place to share information, but your readers’ time and attention are both fleeting and valuable. It’s important to convey ideas quickly and effectively, as it is well-studied that readers will ignore content if it’s too long.

Make your words count. Keep your writing clear, concise, and straightforward, and ask yourself: “does this sentence help make my point, or is it fluff?”. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking it into smaller, bite-sized chunks of text. Bullet points and subheadings are another way to draw the reader naturally through your text without putting them to sleep.

And don’t forget to proofread: while we’re all human, a plethora of mistakes may be interpreted as unprofessional. Watch for spelling or grammatical errors, broken links, or out-of-date information.


The saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words” has legs to stand on. But throwing a few stock photos on your website isn’t going to WOW a potential customer. And even artistic, one-of-a-kind photos can work against you if they aren’t properly optimized for your site.

Large file sizes take significantly longer to populate and may cause your website to be less responsive. Load time is a critical element of the user experience, and slow pages may cause visitors to bounce entirely. In fact, a website that loads in 1 second converts clients 3x more than sites that load in 5!

Consider using professional, original images to stand out and show your authenticity. And once you have high-quality, high-resolution images, be sure to compress them before adding them to your site. The result will be a visually stunning web presence that delights and delivers.

The importance of strong web design cannot be overstated. Not only does it shape the way potential clients view you, it increases conversion rates, keeps web visitors engaged, and builds brand trust and recognition.


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