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What’s up everyone!

So after some thought I wanted to announce that I’ll be entering the world of blogging once again. Yes another photography blog, exciting—right!?

This time around I’ll be producing content that’s dives in a bit deeper in what I do, a journal of sorts, of where and how I fit in this ever changing world of photography.

Working in such a saturated industry, the stature of photography I find has taken a step back, unfortunately, in terms of storytelling and the creative process.

My goal with this blog is to offer my perspective in the space and to challenge myself and you guys as well, to produce a meaningful cohesive body of work.

I’ll be going behind-the-scenes on cool projects I’ve worked on this year and writing about my creative process photographing various subjects, locations and people. Straight back to the fundamentals of it all.

So I hope you guys find this new space valuable. I’ll try my best to keep things fresh. Stay tuned!

Also make sure to follow me on Twitter at @sinaghorbanian or on Facebook to stay updated with all the latest blog posts.

Cheers ya’ll.

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